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 Welcome to Veterans Care Plus.   

We are a membership-based Veterans advocacy group committed to providing access to quality
healthcare products and services for Veterans and their family members. 

Veterans Care Plus works closely with Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) such as The Veterans of Foreign Wars and The Twilight Brigade.  

The right choice right now!

Veterans Care Plus offers a growing number of products and services of greatest need to the Veteran population.  Our programs and services currently include:

  • Hearing evaluations and discounts for hearing aids.
  • Discounts on eye exams and eyewear.
  • Prescription medication savings for those with or without insurance.
  • Health enhancement products and support for medication conditions common among veterans and their families including diabetes, heart disease, sleep disturbance, anxiety, join and muscular skeletal pain, and more.

    Click here for additional details on available programs and services.

Let us know what other healthcare products and services you would like to access easier or cheaper through Veterans Care Plus. Visit the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail.

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Veterans Care Plus is available to U.S. Veterans, their families, and members of Veteran Service Organizations.

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